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Identity details : TRASTEEL WEAR PARTS/Cohidrex, s.l.
Address of the controller and data protection officer the controller : Alpargateros,1 Pol. Ind. Las Capellanias, CP 10005, Cáceres Spain
Purpose: Your data will be used just to reply your enquires and to provide with our services.
Publicity: We only send you publicity under you express authorisation which you could make effective clicking on the cell for this purpose.
Legitimation: We will only treat your personal data under your previous consent, which you can grant us clicking on the cell for this purpose.
Recipients: Generally, only our authorised staff will know and have access to your personal data.
Rights: You have the right to know all the information we keep about you, amend it or remove form our data base, as is clearly explained in the additional available in our web site.
Additional Information: More information clicking on “YOUR SAFE DATA” on our website